[Cancelled] Exploitation

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Sun 3 Nov 2019 at 5pm

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£8 (work-in-progress)

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We’re very sorry to say that, due to unforeseen circumstances, this performance of Exploitation has been cancelled.

Don’t forget there’s plenty of other terrific work in CPT’s season, including Handle with Care: a three-week festival interrogating trigger warnings, no-platforming and the culture of the so-called ‘snowflake.’ Click here to view the rest of our programme. 

Presented by Venice as a Dolphin

MARY: Can you tell what I’m thinking?

JOCK: Yes.

MARY: Bet you can’t. What am I thinking then?


JOCK: You’re thinking… this is what it feels like to be free.



Drawing on the Scandinavian folk narrative that inspired The Virigin Spring and The Last House on the Left,  Exploitation revisits this bogeyman nightmare for our times and asks what it means to go too far and not be able to find your way back.

To avoid fainting, keep repeating, it’s only theatre

…only theatre

…only theatre

…only theatre

…only theatre.

Venice as a Dolphin makes play inside theatre spaces, out in the real world and in the spaces in between. Most recently at Camden People’s Theatre with The First Time as Tragedy (Sprint 2019) in development with HighTide and Coney.

Written and created by William Drew

Directed by Rebecca Atkinson-Lord


Please be aware that this performance contains references to sexual violence, murder and sadism. To read the detailed synopsis with the content to consider, please click here.

Age rating: 18+


The company don’t believe there is any health warnings in this performance.

If you have any other questions or enquiries that are not covered here please do get in touch by calling 0207 419 4841 or email James, our General Manager on [email protected].

About the company

Venice as a Dolphin is William Drew, making play inside theatre spaces, out in the real world and in the spaces in between. Previous work includes The First Time as Tragedy (CPT and HighTide Aldeburgh ), Public Radio (CPT Starting Blocks 2015) and Kill Your Speed: Urban Snail Racing from 1979 to the Present Day (Theatre Delicatessen). As a writer, recent work includes The Circus (Fire Hazard), Green Gold Conspiracy, Your Connection is Not Private and Adventure 1 (all Coney).

veniceasadolphin.com| Twitter: @Venice_Dolphin

Image credit: (c) Simon Clemenger

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