Handle with Care: But I’m A…

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Tue 29 Oct 2019 at 9pm

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£12/10 (conc.)

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Handle with Care: a three-week festival interrogating trigger warnings, no platforming and the culture of the so-called ‘snowflake’

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Presented by Free School Lunch

Summer camp is a safe space. Here at camp PUSHY you can get away from the real world and leave your baggage behind – as long as you tick all the boxes neatly and within the lines provided. But don’t worry, you’re exactly the kind of people we want.

Join us for a wholesome game of Pin the Gender on the Correct Toilet Cubicle, Never Have I Ever Mis-Pronouned, or Straight, Straight, Gay. We will even send you off with a singalong ’round the campfire where we will decide who comes out as the Queen – no, King – no, um, the Gender Neutral VIP of the day. What happens when we are sent to build identities somewhere as normative as summer camp? What happens if you get sent with us?

But I’m A… is a devised show based on our experiences with having to navigate our chosen political identities, and those identities assigned to us by the game of identity politics. We question whether we are too sensitive to the heteronormative and classist structures that shape our daily lives, whether we should work on growing ‘thicker skin’, or whether we should just burn it all down and start again.

“Lesbians seem to only be referred to on nameless, platonic terms – unless they are being sexualised by men. This has to change. Women should be allowed to be sexy for women as well.” Click here to read iNew’s article for International Lesbian Day, featuring Free School Lunch’s Amy Terry & Jessi Clayton. 


The company don’t believe there is any content to consider in this performance.


The company don’t believe there is any health warnings in this performance.

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About the company

We strive to explode traditional narratives, push the limits of theatrical form, and question who theatre should really be for and about (ourselves included). We take into consideration the labels given to us – queer, working-class, middle-class, disadvantaged, straight, – and explore how to deconstruct and reclaim them. We all got free lunches at school.

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