Handle with Care: Elsewhere

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Sat 9 Nov 2019 at 9pm

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£8 (work-in-progress)

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Handle with Care: a three-week festival interrogating trigger warnings, no platforming and the culture of the so-called ‘snowflake’

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Presented by Haylin Cai

Hi, I’m Shuyan, I’m a top Chinese student, the one that’s supposed to get a postgraduate degree in an American Ivy League uni and live happy ever after.

But right now, I can’t finish my passionate statement of purpose. Definitely not when my parents keep checking on me! Stop asking me what I really want! I just know I don’t want to stay here. Yes, probably I’ll figure it all out elsewhere!

Half inspired by real life event of a typical Chinese student, half mixed with myths and clowning, it’s a show that explores the effects of the high pressure educational system and the prescribed age norms in China, and how one can get out of institutionalisation.


Please be aware that this performance may contain references to depression. To read the detailed synopsis with the content to consider, please click here.


The company don’t believe there is any health warnings in this performance.

This performance is currently still in it’s devising process, therefore the above is subject to change.

If you have any other questions or enquiries that are not covered here please do get in touch by calling 0207 419 4841 or email James, our General Manager on [email protected].

About the artist

Haylin Cai is a Chinese theatre-maker and musician currently based in London. Her theatre practice is usually inspired from her life in both China and UK. She enjoys exploring many topics in theatre, but is especially interested in paradoxes in our life and the world.

Twitter: @HaylinCai | Instagram: @JialanCai | #ElsewhereTheatre

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