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Fri 29 - Sat 30 Apr at 9pm

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Presented by Hannah Ballou


goo:ga is a comedy special by a very pregnant woman.  Feminist performance artist and comedian Hannah Ballou is knocked up.  She found out about it live on stage in her critically-acclaimed show hoo:ha at Camden People’s Theatre’s 2015 Calm Down Dear festival.  Through her trademark blend of stand up, song, dance, games, and the occasional cameo by her sidekick, Nigel the Pug, Ballou will delve into the comedic depths of pregnancy and work out what’s funny about having a tiny human sticking out of the front of you (spoiler: a lot.)

What will an 8-months-along bump do to a showgirl’s bag of performance art tricks?  In a biting materialist feminist satire of ‘gender reveal parties,’ the first night’s audience (and Ballou herself) will be treated to a live revelation of the baby’s sex, thus witnessing the exact moment the performative statement ‘It’s a _______!’ indelibly marks a person’s entry into the gender paradigm; don’t hold your breath for any pink confetti or blue cupcakes.  As a consolation prize, the second night’s audience gets to name the baby.  The show mocks postfeminist fetishisation of ‘the bump’ and celebrity fertility as spectacle whilst also challenging the de-sexing of pregnant women that is the product of the Madonna/whore binary that historically organises women’s bodies in Western culture.

It’s sort of like what would happen if Annie Sprinkle stopped being a weird hippie and impregnated Bridget Christie who (when 8 months along) waddled onstage to sing, dance, and moan about postfeminist malarkey and not being able to see her own muff.

Reviews from hoo:haa

“a very enjoyable, entertaining evening that was never short of ideas and engaging throughout.” Female Arts Magazine.

“Ballou serves up entertainment by the bucket load. […] hoo:ha blurs the lines of performance and reality with a couple of shocking twists, each significantly increasing the emotional resonance of the show.” The Jar Belles.

Catch goo:ga in a double bill with REMOTE (7pm). Two shows for just £16!

About the Artist

Hannah Ballou is a performance artist, comedian, writer, and lecturer.  Her work plays with and challenges cultural constructions of gender, comedy, and sometimes sexiness.  Her Marina Abramopug project received international media acclaim, and she has performed her solo work at the Leicester Square Theatre, Proud Cabaret, Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club, Duckie, Camden People’s Theatre, and New York’s Slipper Room. She has published work in McSweeney’s and Comedy Studies journal (Routledge).

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