Get Yourself Together

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Thu 05 Nov 2015 to Fri 06 Nov 2015 at 7.30pm

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£12 / 10

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Presented by Josh Coates

Part of 'Fitter Happier More Productive': a selection of cutting-edge artists respond to the cult of self-betterment, and explore how it feels to be imperfect in its shadow.

Is it my fault I’m like this?
Is it my fault I’m angry?
…is it?

Get Yourself Together is a solo performance which explores how mental health impacts autobiographical memory and the thin line between depression as a clinical issue and a political one.  

Its starting point is Christmas Eve 2012, when Josh was diagnosed with depression and hit by a car.  No major injuries were sustained and he walked home but the combination of these two things made for an eventful day and a story he’s told many times. On telling it, Josh became increasingly aware of the stigma surrounding the issue, prompting Josh to make this show to interrogate mental health and the way it is perceived, talked about and dealt with.

Directed by Anna Ryder, associate artist at Live Theatre, and dramaturgy by James Varney, a nice chap.

About the artist

Josh Coates is a theatre-maker from the grey side of Bolton, who explores the role of the storyteller in contemporary performance. He has worked alongside Blast Theory, Daniel Bye and is a supported artist at the Royal Exchange. His previous show Particles was part of CPT's Sprint 2015 festival

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