Freshers: Kick the Tin

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Mon 14 March at 9pm

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Presented by Laika Theatre

Work in Progress Performance


“Cops and Robbers! Cowboys and Indians!
“Bang bang! You’re dead! Fifty bullets in your head!”
War happens. And children play.
War plays with children.
And children make play about the war.

Kick the Tin is a devised play about the experience of children in conflict.
Sometimes its devastating, sometimes its scary but sometimes a scarred landscape is just another playground to explore. Whatever the circumstances, children always find a way to play.

Stories from Britain in World War Two will merge with more contemporary conflicts to create a universal picture of the child in the battlefield, continuing to live and living on through game play and imagination. Romantic camaraderie, macho bravado and a sense of adventure will merge with cowardice, deprivation and isolation to show to two-sided nature of war: a time of possibilities for the brave or the foolish and a time of horror for those who are weak.

Fusing object animation and puppetry, storytelling and song, this piece is a theatrical celebration of the enduring power of play that helps children survive the most extreme traumas. And by combining poignant human stories with an inventive sense of fun, Kick the Tin will provide a blitzkrieg of childhood fantasy as well as a poignant reminder of the bleakness that children are left with when the games are over.

Part of Sprint Festival 2016: London’s biggest and best festival of the newest, most adventurous theatre from across the UK and beyond.

Catch Kick the Tin in a double bill with Skrimshanks on the same evening. Two shows for just £16!

About the Company

Laika Theatre Company met at East 15 and come from a range creative backgrounds. Our goal is to create formally eclectic theatre, telling stories through the use of puppetry, object animation, clown, bouffon, and masks.

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