Camden Fringe: Fragments

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Sun 11 August 2019 at 7.15 pm

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£8/7 (conc.)

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Part of Camden Fringe 2019: London’s Alternative to Edinburgh Fringe. To view the rest of the programme, click here

We will sell tickets on the door from one hour before the event is due to start, subject to availability. 

Presented by Solo Theatre


By Beth Hargrave, Alana Marshall and Florence Cashel

‘No two pieces the same, they are as individual as snowflakes’ (Noble 2011).

Have you ever struggled to concentrate? Have you ever forgotten something? Or wondered where the tale began?

We have crafted three new solo performances and combined them into one jam packed scratch work event-‘Fragments’. The work is determined to ask the questions that no-one else will, surrounding the themese of dementia, mental health, creativity and grief. Inspired by real people, our work delves into the lives of Chris Roberts, Dame Gillian Lynn, Kim Noble and James Barrie. We intend to spark a positive change concerning these difficult subjects. Using humour, play, songwriting, puppetry, physical theatre, dance and more, we view our work as entertainment with a purpose, leaving the audience with something to talk about.

Broadway Baby: ‘Broadway Baby’ is a creative adaptation based on the life of Gillian Lyne. This devised solo performance uses movement, puppetry and multi-rolling as a alternative way of storytelling. Dealing with topics such as family relationships and abuse. As a child, Gillian was always critiqued and criticised for her behaviour. She was constantly told she was never going to succeed or amount to anything due to her lack of focus. But, when she truly embraced who she was, her true talent shone through and made history.

Light On, Window Open: ‘Light On, Window Open’ is a devised solo performance that blends two narratives through movement, projection and music. The first narrative delves into the childhood of Peter Pan’s author – James Barrie – a small Scottish boy struggling to overcome intense grief. The second narrative appears from Beth’s own childhood. It follows her younger self as a small Essex girl whom struggles to contain her obsession with Peter Pan. The piece draws parallels between past and present whilst questioning magic, truth, guilt and more.
A New Me: Have you ever wondered into a room and forgotten what you came in for? Felt the line between dreams and reality blur into one? Or watched the world through a lens of familiarity but no certainty? For many this is a way of life, a normality and ‘A New Me’ is here to fight the stigma, raise awareness and raise a light to how it can happen to any one of us. Using games, the audience, a ukulele and a song, prepare to have a good laugh or perhaps a good cry, as you learn of a man named Chris Roberts and his wonderful attitude towards life.

About the Company

‘Solo Theatre’ is a fresh collaborative theatre company formed by three female theatre-makers studying ‘Theatre and Performance’ (BA Hons) at Falmouth University. We devise our own multi disciplinary work, constantly striving to push our own creative boundaries. We are driven by our need to raise awareness and generate change.

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