Fox Symphony

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10 November 2014 to 15 November 2014 at 7.30pm

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Presented by Foxy and Husk

Foxy and Husk gather together a medley of strangers in a beautiful and probing contemplation on class, community and the dream of a perfect nation. Using lip-synced stories alongside their trademark song, dance and interactive film, Foxy and Husk imagine a portrait of contemporary Britain in an increasingly globalised world.

★★ Catch Fox Symphony in a one-off double bill on 13 Novemeber with Dance Peas by Figs in Wigs for just £15! â˜…★

About the artist

Foxy and Husk is a playful performance artist who creates full length shows, experimental films and interactive installations, merging the disciplines of lip-synch, film, cabaret and performance art. As an animal/human hybrid, Foxy picks apart the absurdities of human life through an outsiders’ perspective. Her favourite tipple is milk.

Developed at Camden People's Theatre, Battersea Arts Centre, Pink Fringe and Exeter Bike Shed
Supported by BornShorts Film Festival
Funded by Arts Council England


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