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Saturday 10th July at 9pm

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£12 (£10 concession)

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Featured in our Calm Down, Dear Festival: three weeks of blistering performance celebrating the female experience and the fight for gender equality. Click here to view the full line-up.

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Presented by ELOINA

FISH DON’T BLEED combines fairy tales and real-life stories to dismantle the taboo around menstruation. It unearths the unhealthy ways that menstruation is taught to young people in the UK. Education is where the taboo is first created. And I want to f*ck that up.  

Join me in an underwater realm to throw a massive middle finger to the patriarchal structures that teach shame to young people.  

In the realms of gritty, grotesque performance artcomedy clowning and square dancing, FISH DON’T BLEED details the absurd lengths that menstruators go to in order to hide the fact that their body is working exactly as it should.  

Male parents have left this show saying they are now comfortable to open up honest conversations about menstruation with their children.  

Menstruators have left this show saying they are empowered to speak openly about their periods and what they need or feel about them.  

Everybody leaves this show screaming “DOES ANYBODY HAVE A FXCKING TAMPON?!?!?!” Because that’s what this show is about; speaking up about the things that we are taught to keep private. 


This performance contains strong language and nudity.


The company don’t believe there are any health warnings in this performance.

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About the company

ELOINA is a queer, London-based performance artist and clown. Her work dismantles taboos around the female body. It tears the patriarchy to shreds from the inside out, in the most inclusive and hilarious form. ELOINA disgusts the audience in order to have them question their disgust and, reshape their ideals.  

Instagram:  @eloinaaart | Facebook: @eloinaaart

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