[Cancelled] Finding Melania

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Sun 22 March 2020 at 7.15pm

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£12/£10 (concession)

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Due to government advice relating to the Coronavirus outbreak, this event is no longer taking place. 

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Presented by Ellandar Productions

Hey Melania, what’s really going on in there?

Part warning, part anarchic protest – Finding Melania is an imaginary interrogation into the interior world of Melania Trump; a reveal of her dreams, memories and nightmares as we meet her somewhere in the future; aged, alone and past her prime.

This is an old story that we know well, re-told over and over: the beauty gets saved from her mundane life by marrying the rich prince and then stands enigmatic by his side, lending him kudos and normalcy, complicit as he rules over his empire. 

But in the age of MeToo it is out of time and place and we are angry; angry with him holding all of our fates in his grubby little hands, angry with her for playing her part, angry at a system that endorses the commodification of women and celebrates youth and beauty over age and wisdom, angry at ourselves for watching and judging and playing along with the whole thing.

A darkly comic and playful peek behind the facade, from actor/writer Denise Stephenson and director/ collaborator Sarah Calver.


This performance contains references to depression, political violence and abuse. Recommended age rating: 15+. To read the detailed synopsis with the content to consider, please click here. 


The company believe this performance requires no health warnings.

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