Faces, Masks

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Tue 8 Jan 2019 at 7pm

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£8/6 (conc.)

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Presented by The Smoke

Faces, Masks is a new interactive performance work about the performances we enact in our everyday lives.

Devised over the course of two days, this is a never-before-seen and never-to-be-seen again piece of interactive theatre. Explore, watch and play with face making or mask faking*.

Drawing from the worlds of theatre and live action roleplay (larp), this piece will be devised by a team of artists/performers/designers led by Nina Runa Essendrop. We will create a world for you, the audience, to delve into and play within. No experience of larp or larping is needed. Come to watch, listen, explore or play. All varieties of participation are welcome. Faces, Masks is a fringe event of The Smoke festival of larp.

*No actual masks will be used in the performance.

About the company

Nina Runa Essendrop is a Danish LARP designer and artist with a Masters degree in Theater, Dance, and Performance Studies. She has a strong focus on movement, sensory experiences and the meaning of physical action. Nina is an active player in the Nordic LARP community. She has designed and produced blackbox LARPs, freeform games, large-scale LARPs, and LARP festivals, and collaborated with artists in both Europe and the United States.

The Smoke is a festival of chamber larp, blackbox larp and freeform games, held annually in London. The 2019 festival will take place on the 5th and 6th of January next year at Theatre Delicatessen in Moorgate.

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