Equations for a Moving Body (work in progress)

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31 July 2015 to 1 July 2014 at Fri 31 July, 4pm | Sat 1 Aug, 9pm

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Presented by Hannah Nicklin
This performance is a work-in-progress. There will be an opportunity to feedback at the end of the performance.

Equations for a Moving Body follows Hannah Nicklin as she trains for and attempts a full-distance triathlon, sometimes known as an ‘Ironman’. 

Alongside scientists and psychologists from the University of Northumbria, documentary footage from filmmaker Niall Coffey, and with help and direction from collaborator Alexander Kelly, Hannah will attempt to tell the story of the body through sport – what it means both psychologically and physiologically to train for and attempt a great feat of endurance, and the reasons we do these (frankly ridiculous) things.

Equations For A Moving Body is a story about the physiology of endurance – when our brains tell our bodies to stop – and the psychology of carrying on. It is about preparing mind and body for a 2.4k swim, 112 miles of cycling, then running a marathon. It is about how the thing that shocks people the most is when you tell them you are not allowed headphones. Just you, alone, body and mind, and the next moment. For 12 hours (or more). It is also a story about things like Hannah's friend who died, John. About the marathon she ran in his memory. About the reasons she swims, cycles, and runs.

This showing will be a week after she’s attempted the Outlaw full distance triathlon. Fingers crossed she’s still standing. 

Audience feedback from sharings in Newcastle:
'It's thoughtful. It's a journey. It's pretty f*cking raw […] the realest thing I've seen onstage in a while'
'Wonderful, watchable, memorable'
'So interesting, engaging and relatable. Beautifully human.'

About the artist

Hannah Nicklin is a theatre-maker, game designer and poet. She is interested in the radical act of storytelling in an age of mass media – making games, poems and theatre around listening and storytelling. A lot of the work she makes is based on community story collection where she stands in public places and talks to strangers. She makes a thing that suits the stories she has to tell, that might be theatre for headphones and walking, standing on a stage and simply talking, games that play with new ways to tell old stories, and interactive theatre made for places that aren’t theatres. Hannah has worked for and with organisations such as Slung Low, The Space, The RSC, Hoipolloi, Third Angel, Hide&Seek, Coney, Northern Stage, and Forest Fringe.

@hannahnicklin | www.hannahnicklin.com










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