Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow

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Thu 12 March 2020 at 8pm & 8.30pm

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Presented by anorak

you see the show.
you leave the theatre and head home.
you have a glass of water and brush your teeth.
you fall asleep.
when you wake up, everything has changed

In the late 1800s, against a period of social and economic inequality, novelists wrote books about utopian societies where our lives are radically different. Today, against a period of social and economic inequality, we are going to try to do the same thing. We are going to take you into the future.

Combining spoken text, soundscapes and repurposed objects, anorak present EXPERIMENTAL PROTOTYPE COMMUNITY OF TOMORROW, a short-form solo-performance-meets-art-installation about utopian narratives.

It’s about how we imagine the future, if we can reimagine the present, and what we really want the world to be.

It’s a utopian narrative for our uncertain times.

Ab0ut the artist

anorak is a company that creates short-form theatre for intimate spaces. Run by maker James Nash with a group of associates for each project, anorak makes theatre that is strange, playful, and explores the complex world around us, to help imagine new ways of experiencing it.

Twitter: @anorakthtrInstagram: @anorak_thtr #itsalright 

Image credit (c) Richard Yuil

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