Dirty Cash

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Mon 27 June at 7pm

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£10 / 8

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Presented by Chloe Stevenson & Angharad Price

Dirty Cash is a comedy, although it is tinged with tragedy. The relationship between the two characters, Fiona and Felicity, is complex. Fiona is ten years older than Felicity. She is a warped, eccentric older sister figure battling her demons with alcohol, prescribed medication, hypochondria and a traumatic childhood. In contrast Felicity is less emotionally damaged but has left home to come to London where she meets Fiona after a mysterious confrontation with her mother. The girls get their cash by indulging in undesirable activities with a string of wealthy sugar daddies that they meet in and around Belgravia.

Despite never appearing in the flesh the sugar daddies are integral part of the script. Although they have their differences, Felicity and Fiona have a deep bond and care a lot for each other. They recognise that they need each other and understand each other’s decision making and frailties. Throughout the play Felicity gets badder and Fiona gets madder. By the end the girls are making a fortune but at what cost?


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