Dennis of Penge

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Sun 28 May at 7pm

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£8 (work in progress)

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Presented by Annie Siddons


“No matter how shit your day has been
No matter how low the world wants to make you
No matter if the money came from the back of the sofa
No matter if no one respects you
Fantastic Melly’s Chicken is a church that welcomes all,
Salves all in its battery delicious opiate salty wings.
Its cross is the winking eye of the perky cock’s face
You see it, you know you’re welcome and will find solace.
You won’t be judged
You will be redeemed. By the holy trinity of wings, fries and coke.
Ready to face the next bit of shit that life spits.
You’re a small god.”

Touching on themes of addiction, survival, poverty, joy and ecstasy in the city, Dennis of Penge combines Annie Siddons’ raw lyric narrative with music and performance to create an urgent, vital and uplifting new show.

Directed by Justin Audibert
Performed by Annie Siddons and Nicki Hobday
Music by f-l-u-x

About the artist

Annie is a London based writer and performer, whose recent shows include Raymondo (East to Edinburgh 2014, British Council Showcase 2015, UK tour 2015) and How (Not) to Live in Suburbia, also made with Justin and Nicki, which recently completed a soldout run at Soho Theatre and tours in autumn 2017. |

Praise for previous work

“A powerful, hilarious and honest testimony which comforts and confronts in unflinching and equal measure.” (On How Not To Live In Suburbia – Exeunt)

“Subtle, sincere, riotously funny and endearingly raw” ★★★★★ (On How Not To Live In Suburbia – Broadway Baby)

“Untamed, brilliant writing… grotesquely beautiful, tragic and uplifting. A one woman rollercoaster ride” ★★★★ (on RaymondoFest Magazine)

“Annie Siddons’ script is almost Shakespearian in its mix of the earthy and ethereal, the funny and the frightening” ★★★★★ (On Rapunzel – Robert Hewson, Sunday Times)

This is a work-in-progress performance, and the show is still in the process of being created. There is an opportunity for you to feedback to the artists, which will be used to further develop the piece. 

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