Declining Solo

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Thu 10 March at 8pm

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Presented by Two Destination Language

Work-in-progress performance

We are all ageing. As I write this, and as you read it. Time passes.
Two Destination Language are sharing early ideas for a new piece about ageing and decline – of our parents, our selves, our cultures. There’s a basement in a faraway house which they’ve been revisiting in their minds, because it contains a fragment of everything.

Part of Sprint Festival 2016: London’s biggest and best festival of the newest, most adventurous theatre from across the UK and beyond.

Catch Declining Solo in a Triple bill with Walk with MeMatthew Robins vs. The Eyeders on the same evening. Three short shows for just £18!

About the Company

Two Destination Language is Alister Lownie and Katherina Radeva. They make work exploring boundaries in identity and culture.

Alister’s Scottish heritage and Katherina’s Bulgarian background give them an interest in how cultures interact, develop and are defined. Often working from autobiographical starting points, they make personal material into emotionally and intellectually stimulating experiences relevant to contemporary society. Drawing on a variety of performing and fine arts traditions, their practice is founded on the belief that live work should have its audience at its core. This leads them to shape form to each subject they work with, creating theatre performances, intimate work and installations.

The company tours nationally and internationally, with its Near Gone winning a Total Theatre Award for Innovation, Experimentation and Playing with Form in Edinburgh 2014.


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