[Cancelled] Compulsive Opera

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Tue 26 May 2020 at 9pm

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Due to government advice relating to the Coronavirus outbreak, this event is no longer taking place. To read our full message to audiences, please click here

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Presented by Katherine Christie Evans

An experimental opera, offering a glimpse into the life and desires of an introverted queer classical musician with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, an Eating Disorder, a drumkit, and a wardrobe of historical costumes.

A musical portrait of an underdog and rebel surviving outside of mainstream society, Compulsive Opera transports us into the mind of Katherine Christie Evans as she fantasises about being a queer time-travelling troubadour.

She dreams one minute of being John Dowland, charming ladies with her mastery of the lute and her Elizabethan ruff, and next of starring in retro cult-classic film ‘Xanadu’ alongside Olivia Newton-John; all accomplished while riding exercise equipment or transitioning between a range of live instruments and outfits.


The company believes there is no content to consider and are no health warnings for this performance. There are no age restrictions for this performance.

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About the artist

Katherine Christie Evans, or, as she would have been known in medieval times “Katherine of Romford”, is a classically trained queer soprano who plays quite a few instruments, writes rock music, and has a penchant for historical costume.

Twitter: @VelodromeMusic | Instagram: @velodromemusic | #velodromeCPT

Image credit (c) Katherine Christie Evans

Image description: A person with short hair and blue eye shadow sitting in a room with a blue guitar, drumkit, daffodils and a table with books.

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Tue 26 May, 2020
9:00 pm