The Brand Nouveau Initiative: Chateau Marmont

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May 3 - 4 at 9pm Friday, 2:30pm Saturday, 7:15pm Saturday

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£8 (work-in-progress)

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Part of The Brand Nouveau Initiative; Nouveau Riche’s new attachment scheme that aims to nurture and develop the next generation of theatre practitioners.

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Presented by Nouveau Riché

#metoo #mewho? Chateau Marmont is a searing satire set within the blurred lines of sexual coercion, where some of the damage is collateral..and some isn’t.

In a London suburb, the humiliated wife of a Hollywood mogul awaits his return in the excruciating aftermath of a scandal.

In New York, a male actor on the cusp of stardom struggles with his masculinity after being groped by a leading producer.

A young actress and a renowned director play a dangerous game of cat and mouse as he auditions her in a lavish hotel room.

And finally, for her last great performance, an ex-actress turned mega-agent prepares to face the press amidst allegations of enabling a predator.

A biting satire from inside the industry, Chateau Marmont probes the uncomfortably blurred lines of sexual coercion. Chateau Marmont is written by Katerina Watson, directed by Rebecca GohandProduced by Tiana Gravillisas part of Nouveau Riche’s Brand Nouveau Initiative 2019.

About the festival

The Brand Nouveau Initiative is Nouveau Riche’s new attachment scheme that aims to nurture and develop the next generation of theatre practitioners, collaborating with each other to create exciting brand new work.

The Brand Nouveau initiative is a group of the best emerging artists ready to take the next step in their careers. The scheme provides opportunities to expand their networks, receive first-class mentoring from their award-winning team and benefit from a creative space, time research opportunities and free tickets to London theatre productions.

The work created from this process will culminate in the inaugural Brand Nouveau Festival.

Ab0ut the artist

Nouveau Riché is an exciting, diverse, multi-award-winning creative movement, headed by a team of performance artists. Discovering, nurturing and producing unique stories from all walks of life, NouveauRiché makes culturally inclusive work that is educational and entertaining, across all art forms. | Twitter: @infonvrch| Instagram:  @nvrchuk| #BrandNouveauInitiative2019 #BNI19

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