Cell Outs

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27 - 29 January 2022 at 7.15pm

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£12 (£10 concession)

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Featured in our 2021/22 Autumn/Winter Season.  

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Presented by Glasshouse Theatre

Cell Outs is a dark comedy written and performed by two ex-prison officers. A tale of bright-eyed ambition, burnout & bejewelled batons.

Harriet and Ella joined a grad scheme which promised to fulfil their wildest social justice dreams. Equipped with their humanities degrees and bright-eyed ideals, they started training.

Just 6 weeks later they’re on the landings, fully qualified prison officers – fresh keys, squeaky boots and blind enthusiasm.

They soon discover how prison skews a person’s perspective; since when did discussing Love Island with murderers become so everyday?

An unseen insight into the warped world of those working behind bars and the sacrifices made to ensure survival.

Cell outs draws on these ex-officers experiences and the stories of those they worked alongside.

“Don’t you think it’s pretty f*cked that a lot of stuff we do in the prison, like if we were to do that in the street we’d get arrested straight off”

Supported by Arts Council England. Running time: 90 mins


18+, contains references to suicide, PTSD, violence, serious self-harm, drug addiction, overdose. Contains depictions of: Sexism, racism, the experience of incarceration.


This performance includes the use of strobe, flashing lights, smoke & loud noises.

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About the company

Harriet and Ella founded Glasshouse Theatre whilst working as full-time prison officers and studying rehabilitation theory. They’ve also been bringing theatre into prisons, running workshops for prisoners and people with experience of the criminal justice system. They’ve transformed their experiences as frontline officers into art that challenges audiences, re-imagines the criminal justice system and interrogates society’s perceptions on privilege, authority and power.

Twitter: @glasshouseTH| Instagram: @glasshousetheatre

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