Celebrity Bound

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Wed 29 - Thu 30 March at 9pm

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£12 / 10 (conc)

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Presented by Catherine Duquette

So you want to be famous. You want to be a star.
But do you have what it takes?
The trick. The rule book. The secret?

USA bred performer-writer, Catherine Duquette, has the secret. In Celebrity Bound, she shows you how it’s done.

Inspired by the likes of Oprah Winfrey, Lady Gaga, Marina Abramović, and even Apple’s Siri, Catherine blends movement, improvised/scripted text, and video to uncover the forces behind celebrity. It’s a tussle between desire and disgust, a joyful enterprise with a dark twist, an interactive bid for fame.

Over the course of the evening, Catherine works with you to achieve a single goal — to become a star. Tactics include scoring a celebrity tweet, practicing a talk-show interview, and finding a publicist or manager all by pooling resources from the audience. The result is a complex and personal narrative that moves between comedy, satire, heartbreak, and hope.

Her quest is sincere. Your presence is key. Celebrity Bound grapples with the primal urge to celebrate and to be celebrated for (more than) our familiar selves.

Read our exclusive interview with Duquette here: Star of Celebrity Bound, Catherine Duquette, tells all!

Image credit – Dian Zagorchinov


“[Catherine] reveals, from just about every angle, how she clearly has what it takes to be famous in the 21st century: beauty, brilliance, sheer hard work and, most crucially, the guts to take a risk into uncertainty with her collaborators, which include her audiences.” – Huffington Post

Audience feedback

“Her stage presence is immensely powerful creating the illusion that she is, in fact, a celebrity.”

“Catherine said everything I haven’t had the courage to say, especially as a woman in the arts. (I make my living directing theatre.)”

“Very brave. I think deep down we all want to be famous.”

“Catherine Duquette will have you chuckling throughout her performance and utterly stunned by her stage presence. Purely triumphant.”

“Her performance leaves the audience stunned and in awe.”

About the artist

American performer/writer/director, Catherine Duquette, specializes in audience-performer relations and improvisation within a dramaturgical score. Borrowing from theatre, live art, and games, she creates intimate participatory works that give audiences choices with consequences beyond the performance itself. She makes work about social constructs, everyday personas, intimate relationships, gender, class divides and anger. Curious about expanding notions of performance, her writing takes the form of performative fictions, interactive poetry, and choice-based narrative for video games.

@catduquette | catherineduquette.com

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