Calm Down, Dear cabaret night

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27 September 2014 to 27 September 2014 at 7.30pm

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£12 / 10

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Part of Calm Down, Dear : a festival of feminism

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A bumper night of new, short and scratch performances. Acts include Collateral Damage by Hanna Rohn and Signhild Waersted; a brand new video from Foxy & Husk; Richard Dedomenici’s “radical feminist Bucks Fizz tribute act” Fux Bizz; and new work from Claire Stone, Hoot! Theatre, Rhiannon Armstrong and others.


Collateral Damage by Hanna Rohn and Signhild Wærsted

Collateral Damage deals with female bodies as projects for constant improvement. It poses delicate questions about the links between national identity, conflict and plastic surgery, all connected to the possession of the female body and to gender-based violence: e.g. rape as a war strategy and plastic surgery as a less obvious form of hurting the body in order to comply with society's standards on women.

Pitch by Rhiannon Armstrong

I am after your votes. The thing is, I have been paying attention. I know where all the others have gone wrong: I will not make the same mistakes as them. I will not let you down.

Fux Bizz

Last year, following a particularly vivid dream, artist Richard DeDomenici formed a radical feminist Bucks Fizz tribute act called Fux Bizz. In the spirit of the original group, two of the founding members have already left due to creative differences. Recently the latest line up – Richard, Lucy, Tristan and Louise – performed on Eurovision night at DUCKIE (footage soon), and this autumn will tread the boards once again at the second Calm Down, Dear festival at CPT. 

36B [work in progress] by Bethan Highgate-Betts

50% of the population have them, so why are breasts such a big deal? 

On Page 3, lads mags, billboards and buses: boobs are just about everywhere you look. But what does this mean about the way we think about them? A show about breasts, about culture and about what happens when our need for perfection is compromised by illness. Combining live performance, video and pre-recorded sound, 36B delves into our obsession with breasts.

I got dressed infront of my nephew today by Claire Stone & Katherine Vince

A frank exploration of the bizarre, comic and surreal truths behind the act of getting dressed, inspired by the questions of a 2.5 year old:'Where’s your willy? What you doing? Is it sting-y? You put them in your ear?' Interplaying facts, figures, candid storytelling, bizarre humour and Beyonce, help us to unpack the dressing ritual of The Female. Did you really ‘wake up like this’? Ladies, are we flawless? 

On being yourself but better by Hoot! theatre

Dark clown, drag and dance combine in a joyful fairground ride that uproots the binaries of gender identity. Adults playing like children, women playing as men, women as women, men as men. Can we talk about one without the other(s)? Ridiculous, hilarious, baffling and unnerving, On Being Yourself But Better is the debut show from Hoot! Theatre, an international LeCoq-trained company of alumni from LISPA.

Fox Dance by Foxy and Husk

Cult performance artist Foxy & Husk bares all in this frank and honest recitation of a woman’s experiences of working in the sex industry. Part joyful celebration of sexuality and part passionate protest against categorisation, Foxy questions how much of ourselves is defined by what we do to pay the bills. 

Plus more to be added!

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