Calm Down Dear: All Aboard! At Termination Station

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Tue 4 June 2019 at 9pm

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£12/10 (conc.)

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Part of Calm Down Dear, a three-week festival of innovative feminist performance. The festival runs from Tuesday 28 May – Sunday 16 June.

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Presented by Lilly Burton

“I was 19 when I had an abortion. Looking back, I think it was a self-destructive attempt to make someone love me more. It didn’t work. The prick!”

All Aboard! At Termination Station is a comedy cabaret (or summin’ like that) and asks the question: Have you ever just closed your eyes and hoped that it’ll all just go away? This is a bracing, booming and brash exploration of pro-choice.

Too far gone to hide, join Lilly on an upside-down nuttified conquest through song, dance and self-reflection.

A warm and wacky misadventure, this show is for the boy who never knew, for the girl who never said and for anyone who didn’t ask about ABORTION.


About the company

Lilly Burton is a performer and writer. With her debut solo show, All Aboard! At Termination Station. An autobiographic tongue tickler about Abortion.

“As an artist I feel inspired to investigate social issues to provoke conversations. This work unpicks my own experience and highlights the negative stigma still surrounding the subject.”

Twitter: @TheBadProducerInstagram: @Lillyeburton | #allaboardatterminationstation

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