Calm Down Dear 2014

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24 September 2014 to 12 September 2014 at 7.30pm & 9pm

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Welcome to Calm Down, Dear 2: a festival of feminism. Performances this year include a surreal, satirical Women’s Hour from one of the hottest young companies in the UK. There’s also a show busting the myth of boy-meets-girl, and another that shreds Fifty Shades of Grey into a thousand pieces. Finally, there’s a night of performance and film exploring feminism and age, and a “live, interactive performance garden” celebrating inspirational women. Oh, and there’s pole-dancing, moustache-toting and close harmony singing too.

Brian Logan, artistic director of Camden People’s Theatre, says: “In autumn 2013, our first festival of innovative feminist performance, Calm Down, Dear, struck a nerve. It was a big success for CPT, and provided a focal point for the extraordinary and exciting conversations about feminism that were happening at that time. They’re still happening, and intensifying.

“At CPT, our themed festivals are usually one-offs. But we couldn’t resist bringing this one back. Audiences were asking for it. Artists were asking for it. More and more great feminist-oriented work was being made – and the seeds planted at our 2013 festival were starting to bear fruit. It also felt important to establish that just because feminism was “hip” in 2013 doesn’t mean we can forget about it in 2014. Now we can’t wait to pick up where we left off with a blistering three weeks of new performance and new angles on the fight for equal treatment and equal rights, and on what it means to be feminist in 2014.”

The lineup included:

Women's Hour (pictured) by Sh!t Theatre, which Catherine Love at What's On Stage called "swaggering, smart and side-achingly funny."

The Hemline Index by Portmanteau

Louise Orwin's Pretty Ugly – returning after headlining our 2013 event

Old Dears – a one-off event about veteran feminism, co-presented with Live Art Development Agency

Calm Down, Dear scratch/cabaret night – featuring Rhiannon Armstrong, Hoot Theatre, Richard DeDomenici and Fux Bizz, Feral Foxy Ladies, Bethan Highgate-Betts, Hanna Rohn and Signheld Waersted, and more

How Does a Snake Shed Its Skin by Susanna Hislop / Slip of Steel

I Told You This Would Happen by Kathryn Beaumont

Nightingales by Isy Sharman

I Wish I Had a Moustache by Keisha Thompson

Schlock! by Hannah Silva

Fabulous Creatures by the Ruby Dolls

The Very Thought by Rose Biggin

A Girl and a Gun – a work-in-progress by Louise Orwin

Phenomenal Peoplea weekend's 'live performance garden' event by Fuel Theatre, featuring artists including Rachel Mars, Akiya Henry, Melanie Pappenheim and more


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