//BUZZCUT// on tour: Let England Shake

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Sun 15 May at 3pm

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Presented by //BUZZCUT//

A programme of wild and exceptional Scotland-based artists. Similar to a day at //BUZZCUT// festival there will be performances, food, music and chaos! Have you ever been? If yes, then hopefully you’re delighted… and if you’ve not been, HERE’S THE CHANCE!

It’s about sharing and it’s about people. It’s about experimenting and it’s about compassion. Let. England. Shake!

Both shows will be BSL interpreted and there will be a BSL host in the bar and social space. Let England Shake is funded by Arts Council England with support from Chichester University

  • 3pm, doors open/bar open + one-on-ones performing in basement
  • 4pm – The Sea is Polished by Steven Anderson
  • 5pm – Food served + one-on-ones performing in basement
  • 6pm – Selkie by Craig Manson
  • 7pm – Party in basement  + one-on-ones performing in basement

The Sea is Polished by Steven Anderson


The care of an art object requires preserving it forever. As ever increasing numbers of artworks and precious objects are made, we evolve a continual restructuring of our material resources and emotional attachments. How can we move through our material legacies?

The Sea is Polished is a performance that questions the role of the art object in life and death. To the backdrop of a densely layered soundtrack, the performance explores an idea of loving our dead by living abundantly through their material legacy.

Selkie by Craig Manson

Final Image - S E L K i E (1)‘Selkie’ – a mythical creature which resembles a seal in the water but assumes a human form on land.

Come and see a real-live Selkie.
Come and watch the Selkie show.
Selkie’s are found in the North of Scotland.
Selkie’s are very sociable.
Selkie’s love to please people.
Selkie’s are so fat!

The front row of this evening’s performance is the splash zone. Feel free to move at any point if you feel uncomfortable.

About the company

//BUZZCUT// is an artist-led, anti-hierarchical collaboration which presents radical performance work in a community centred, accessible environment.

@GlasgowBuzzcut | Glasgowbuzzcut.wordpress.com

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