Buddhism: Is it Just for Losers?

Dates and Times

7 November 2014 to 8 November 2014 at 9pm

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£12 / 10

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Presented by Inconvenient Spoof

Framed as a support group meeting for those who ‘think too much’, this 'poststructuralist Zen clown show’ is around and about how the language we use creates the world as we know it.  A self-confessed analysis junkie dramatically reconstructs a tortuous train of thought, en route to a mid-life epiphany.  Encounters with ‘Non-Sense therapy’ seemingly cure him of his addiction, but lead to a new dependency on idiotic behaviour.  The tale is told through highly visual and offbeat means, including a fly’s encounter with a spider in a public toilet, and a dancing robot attacked by a remote-controlled helicopter.

This is the third show from Brighton-based company, Inconvenient Spoof, following Naïve Dance Masterclass (Soho Theatre, 2013) and Dean Gibbons and the Knowledge of Death. Provocative, intelligent and entertaining, the show wrestles with grand themes in a sophisticated yet accessible form with a broad, inclusive appeal – colourful, funny, short and deep.

 "Slapstick, poo jokes and philosophy… I may not have been enlightened, but I was thoroughly entertained" – Fringe Review â˜…★★★ 

“Very, very funny.  Not just funny and inventive, but funny in a genuinely fresh new way, and funny with real ideas standing behind it” – Fringe Guru ★★★★

"You may leave the theatre having no idea what you just experienced, but you would have thoroughly enjoyed it!" – Broadway Baby


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