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Thu 4 - Fri 5 April 2019 at 9pm

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£12/10 (conc.)

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Presented by Amelia Stubberfield

Borderline: bor•der•line | \ˈbȯr-dər-ˌlīn  \ Adjective:

1) Being in an intermediate position or state: not fully classifiable as one thing or its opposite.

2) Only just acceptable in quality or as belonging to a category : “references may be requested in borderline cases.” 

Synonyms include : Marginal, indefinite, uncertain, unsettled, undecided, doubtful, problematic, indeterminate, unclassifiable, ambivalent, equivocal; questionable, debatable, controversial and contentious.  

Borderline is a comic tale of living life on the edge and trying not to fall off. Navigating mental health, queer identities and a life led in flux, it explores the impact of having labels imposed upon you and begs the question what is “normal” anyway?

Age restrictions: 16+

Ab0ut the artist

Amelia Stubberfield is an actor, theatre-maker and comedian. They trained at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama graduating with a BA Hons in Acting. Recent projects have included the debut of Borderline at the Vaults Festival 2018 and Bullish with theatre company Milk Presents at CPT and across the UK on a Autumn 2018 tour. 

ameliastubberfield.comTwitter: @amstubberfield

Image credit (c) Lucy Le Brocq

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