Bodies (broken 4 u)

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Tue 30 Jan at 9pm

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£12 / 10 conc

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Part of Calm Down Dear, a three-week festival of innovative feminist performance. The festival runs from Mon 15 Jan – Sun 4 Feb. Take advantage of our double bill ticket offer, and book two different shows on the same night for just £16! Simply add the tickets into your basket and we’ll do the rest.

Presented by MEGANDALEX


MEGANDALEX are not the same people they were when they went to Church. The Catholic Mass has been dis-ordered and the altar(native) servers are all grown up. The world has left them sinful sisters and has stolen their holy spirits.

Bodies (broken 4 u) invites you to witness MEGANDALEX’s journeys to adulthood through the traditional Catholic mass. With camp choreography; sickly-sinful confessions and an explosive Eucharist, MEGANDALEX interrogate the sexism, homophobia and rampant conservatism that remain at the heart of the Catholic Church and ask how this can be reconciled with their fond family memories of religion and the way they live and love now.

MEGANDALEX re-appropriate their Catholic past to create rituals that make sense to them today.

This cabaret performance meets intimate theatre piece explores youth, class, family, identity, and the importance of friendship amongst the shit-storm that is all of those things.

So douse yourself in holy water and hold on to your rosary beads because holy Mary mother of God, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

About the company

MEGANDALEX’s work is camp and queer, aesthetically and politically: making a song and dance out of issues they care about and straddling the lines between sketch comedy, vaudeville and performance art.

Their on-stage dynamic has been described as ‘rare’, ‘special’, and ‘two-bitchy-sisters-who-hate-and-sort-of-love-each-other.’

Physically, they are the antithesis of one another. Emotionally, they kind of are too.


Image credit: (c) Dani Harvey

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