Big Bang

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Sat 12 March at 8pm

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Welcome to the 8th edition of our regular scratch night, The Big Bang: an explosion of performance from which new universes of theatre may one day emerge… These jam-packed platforms are highlights of any CPT festival: the place to see wild & wonderful new projects take their first steps…


Part of Sprint Festival 2016: London’s biggest and best festival of the newest, most adventurous theatre from across the UK and beyond.

Catch Big Bang in a double bill with Grown up on the same evening. Two shows for just £16!

One, No One and One Hundred Thousand  by Kad Karababa

Published in 1925, the classic novel by Italian playwright Luigi Pirandello recounts the tragedy of Vitangelo Moscarda, a man who struggles to reclaim a coherent identity for himself in the face of a multi-faceted world.

The performance discovers and gives voice to the ghosts of our past. What former selves will we discover if we look back to that distant child so full of hope and promise?  It amasses our images and finds ourselves amongst them. A dialogue is opened between the many ‘I’s and the questions are asked: Who are you? Who were you? Who could you have been?

Thick Skinned by Michael Tew  @MichaelTew91

“When looking at stars, you’re actually looking into the past. Many of the stars we see at night have already died.”

We rush. We run towards endings. We anticipate endings. We fast forward to endings. We expect endings.

What if the end has already happened? Thick Skinned explores the notion of endings and time to explore these ideas with stories of stars, celebrities and product life.

I Was A Teenage Volcano by Gareth Cutter 18+  @garethcutter

Water boils at 100 degrees celsius; so does blood. Rubber melts at 180 degrees; bitumen: 500; steel: 1370. The average human body temperature is just 37.5 degrees…

I was a teenage volcano. I didn’t wipe out an entire city. I never even erupted, really, but for five years I grew a chest shaped like a mountain range, with a fist-shaped crater in the centre.

Inspired by the aftermath of a surgical operation at the age of 18, I Was A Teenage Volcano takes the sexual turbulence and emotional upheaval of a queer man with a queer body that makes the ground shake and brings the walls down.

Something Borrowed by Portmanteau 16+  @portmanteauLDN

There’s been a recent engagement in Team Portmanteau. So, naturally, we decided to make a show about it.
Melissa is going to be a bride; a princess, a graceful swan adorned in lace sauntering down the aisle to the twinkling music of her dreams. Bit dramatic? Fine. But she’s been planning this day since she was 5, when her primary school class of Year 1 re-enacted a wedding ceremony.
But after months of tirelessly Pinterest-pinning The Happiest Day of Her Life, Melissa realised that she may not actually want to have the wedding she’d been planning for 21 years.
Join Melissa as she grapples with outdated traditions, family expectations, the desire to be a princess, and literally tens of wedding magazines.

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