[Cancelled] Big Bang: Sprint 2020 #2

Dates and Times

Mon 23 March 2020 at 7.30pm

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£12/£10 (concession)

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Due to government advice relating to the Coronavirus outbreak, this event is no longer taking place. 

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An explosive night of performance from which new universes of theatre may one day emerge. Expect brand new works-in-progress, never-before-seen ideas and some of the freshest work from the UK’s most innovative and exciting theatre-makers.

The line-up

From My Bedroom by Enby Jupiter
Approximately 72,800 people throughout England are sex workers. Prepare to meet one of them. Jupiter is a disabled queer adult performer fighting the stigma against his work- and his very existence. Let him lead you through the screen and into the digital world of lewds, nudes, and attitude in this celebration of kinky queer sexuality. Discover the benefits of showing your sexy self to thousands online- for a price- and why this job has empowered and given bodily autonomy to so many. Someone you love is a sex worker, and they deserve your support and respect.
Presented in association with the And What? Queer. Arts. Festival, 2020 programme. Click here for more details.

You, Before Me by Kellie Colbert & Kayleigh Rough
From expressing the fear of becoming your mother, to the relatable embarrassment you feel when they’re dancing and singing drunk. We journey through our memories until the realisation that our mothers weren’t always a mother, but a person. We go back into the past and explore what life could have been like without us. What life would have been like if they achieved their ultimate dreams. We invite our audience to laugh, cry and celebrate every type of mother.
@imKellieColbert @kayleighrough

SELF(ish) LOVE by Tommaso Giacomin
Based on positive psychology, self-love is widely accepted to be a force for good. To start a “healthy” relationship with yourself, advocates of self-love provide us with endless advice and many, many mantras. The effect of this phenomenon, with its noble intentions of raising self-esteem and rejecting negativity, has only recently been more closely scrutinized. This show will examine and explore the very concept of self-love, navigating a minefield of empowering language, positive vibes and vegan turmeric lattes. It’s time to consider: have you got what it takes to truly love yourself?

Mental by Lauren Nicole Whitter
A show looking at the most intimate parts of a woman’s life, focusing on her experience of race, culture and mental health. We come into a surreal and absurd world which is her reality. As we delve deeper into her mind, she physically pushes herself to the limit to explore and accept herself for who she is. Physical theatre, puppetry, sound and spoken word come together in this performance of self-discovery.

Image of Mental by Lauren Nicole Whitter

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