Big Bang Sprint 2017

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Fri 24 March at 9pm

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£12 / 10 (conc)

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Part of Sprint 2017, running from Tue 7 – Sun 26 March. Why not take advantage of our double bill ticket offer – two shows on the same night for just £16. Simply add the shows into your basket, and we’ll do the rest! Browse our full Sprint programme here.

Welcome to the first Big Bang of 2017!

Our signature night of explosive performances returns with a Sprint special edition. These jam-packed platforms are highlights of any CPT festival: the place to see wild & wonderful new projects take their first steps…

How to Live Forever by Claire Gaydon

How to Live Forever is a solo show exploring current ideas of ageing and our acceptance of death through the fascinating, bizarre world of anti-ageing technologies. With the inevitability of death being called into question with new scientific advances, this show will use Gaydon’s characteristic charm and visual flair to ask where this ‘bold step forward’ could take us, and what might be left behind. | @clefairygaydon

Garce Gibson by Grace Gibson & Harry Kearton

We are getting the lay of the land. Drawing up the blueprints. Using different tools and experimenting with all sorts of materials. Cutting and building blocks, seeing what fits together, what sticks and what crumbles.

Planning Permission, originated from an interest in walls, boundaries and borders, both physical and psychological. We are interested in the spaces between people, how and why they are forged and what happens if they are broken. @GGibson3

Nina Talks about her Values by Nina Bowers

Do you have beliefs? Are you confused? Is the political climate causing you to panic self-consciously? Never fear…Nina is here. Nina is an elite space alien with the world as a pet and she’s come to tell you how to live your lives. She’s got all the answers and she’s generously donating her limited time on earth to share them with you. So lay your responsibility at the door and prepare to be improved…greatly improved. In this extreme world all we need to do is reconnect with our WHOLESOME COMMON VALUES; and who better to help you do that than a paranoid narcissist from outer space? This is what you have been waiting for! So sit back with a glass of social unrest and LISTEN CAREFULLY!

Nina Talks about Her Values is a one-woman-quick-fire-satire-extravaganza. This Work in Progress takes rhetoric and hypocrisy to extremes in order to expose the vulnerability of our age. It’s a fun and fast paced cocktail of movements and words that will leave you feeling exactly how you want to feel. @NinaB0wers | #NinasValues

If Britney Could Get Through 2007 We Can Get Through This by Jo Hauge


When Jo was 17, they experienced an episode of severe mental illness, during which they shaved their head. They wanted to be visibly queer, ugly, masculine and tough as hell. A few weeks later, Britney Spears did the same thing. Instead of a punk act of defiance, their shaved head was suddenly connected to dumb, blonde, girly Britney. This performance is a riot grrrl Britney tribute act performed with a three-piece punk band, consisting of guitarist Ray Filar, drummer Hollis Robin and Jo, and featuring choreography by Lucy McCormick (it looks a lot better when she does it). It’s a homage to angst ridden, resilient teenage queerdos, and to all things vain, vapid and weak. Through letting their 17 year old self live out their dream of being in a punk band, and 27 year old Jo’s dream of performing in that red Ooops I Did It Again outfit, Jo will attempt to find some radically vulnerable common ground betweenBritney and them.

The Queen’s Speech by Gameshow

A man sits on a throne with a microphone. He is the Queen.
The audience is invited to write down what they want the Queen to say. She will read out anything.

The Queen’s Speech is an interactive exercise in monarchy, democracy and free speech. It asks who has a voice in our society and privileges the many over the few. Entirely uncensored, the Queen will read out anything, from the personal to the political, from silly to obscene. The audience begins a dialogue with itself that is alive, provocative and unpredictable.

What do you want the Queen to say? | | @GameshowTheatre | #QueensSpeechShow


Image credit – Nina Bowes


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