The Shape Of Things To Come: Big Bang

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Sat 25 and Sun 26 Nov at 7.30pm

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£8 (work in progress)

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Part of The Shape Of Things To Come: two weeks of hot-off-the-press works-in-progress from CPT’s favourite artists . Take advantage of our double bill ticket offer, and book two different shows on the same night for just £12! Simply add the tickets into your basket and we’ll do the rest.

Our signature night of brand new work-in-progress performances returns this autumn with new work from: Paula (Show Me the Money) Varjack; Beats + Elements, returning to CPT after their smash-hit No Milk for the Foxes; Maa-Yarkor Addo and Company Three, with CPT seed commission Aunty; and first-time CPT visitors AB Positive Productions.  PLUS the recipients of our latest seed commission for artists from BAME backgrounds.

Sat 25 Nov at 7:30pm

Mo From Surrey by Mohammed Zafar

Mo From Surrey is a piece centred around themes of cultural identity and religion, delivered by artist Mohammed Zafar, a British-born Pakistani Muslim. Charismatic, light-hearted and honest from the onset of the performance, Mohammed answers the questions about his faith and culture that have accumulated throughout his lifetime. 

Paid Fantasist by Nick Field and Rebecca Biscuit

In 1978, at the height of his Dr Who fame, Tom Baker wrote about a day in his life for The Times. What follows is a full-pelt 12 hours of extreme living In Paid Fantasist, we’re going to take that day as recounted by Tom Baker and use it to explore myths of Soho. And, we’re going to aim to be the most disappointing barbershop trio you’ve ever seen. 

Use Your Words by Edith Tankus 

Sheep, nothing but sheep. Sheep and small children. That’s what I’m surrounded by.” Set against a backdrop of rural isolation and identity in flux, Use Your Words combines intimate stories and personal fiction to give voice to the world of mothers and carers. Expect silly songs, real life truths and a bit of modern abstract dance.
@edithtankus | 

Elephant in the Room by Lanre Malaolu

Elephant in the Room follows a day in the life of a young man and his constant internal and external battle to be “Normal”. Using blends of physical theatre, hip hop dance and spoken word, the piece looks to challenge the conventional ideas embedded in our society around mental illness. | @LanreMalaolu 

Goals by Lynne Ekwe  

Melissa and Michael are the perfect couple. Young, good looking and super popular on Social Media! With their thousands of followers they have decided to embark on the world of Youtube… however there relationship takes an interesting turn. 


Sun 26 Nov at 7:30pm

High Rise State of Mind (Working Title) by Beats and Elements

The High Rise. For some a new home. A new start. For others a transitional space that is never regarded as home. Constantly waiting.In this block, tenants are placed on different levels corresponding to their respective class. Everyone wants to rise. A new couple have finally enough points to be housed. How long will they last? And what of the long standing tenants- how has living here affected them?This scratch is exploring class and the housing crisis created by Beats & Elements, told through Mcing, Beatboxing, looping and kaoss pads.

@beatselements  | #eStateofMind 

Aunty by Maa-Yarkor Addo and Company Three 

Aunty is an experimental project exploring the relationships between younger black women and older black women, made collaboratively between Maa-Yarkor Addo and teenage girls from Company Three. It is a fun, brave and loving piece aiming to unpick the narrative of the older black women, often referred to as ‘Aunty’ and find out who she really is. | @company_three |#c3aunty 

The Cult of K*NZO Performed /Devised by Paula Varjack , Dramaturgy by Martin Bengtsson 

How do high end fashion brands seduce? Why do people crave their products? The Cult of K*NZO lifts the lid on the mysterious power of luxury brands, exploring entitlement and exclusion, desire and territory, in a world where you are who you wear. | #cultofkenzo

Check out Paula’s blog post about creating her new show here.

mahabharat/a by Anna Himali Howard and Zarina Muhammad

In 1985, the great theatre director Peter Brook staged a 9 hour version of the Indian epic, The Mahabharata. It was a triumph of intercultural theatre, of cultural exchange in his ‘empty space’, of epic and exotic storytelling. Apparently. I haven’t seen it yet. What I have seen is the bits of the 1997 Zee TV
series, Mahabharat, which used to be on in the background when I was at my grandparents’ house as a kid, and was a bit like Star Wars and a bit like a soap opera. The Mahabharata is my ~cultural heritage~, a myth from a homeland twice-removed, the greatest story I could ever tell. It’s frankly a lot of pressure. I told my Ba and Dada that I want to do a production of it. They said it’s too long, English people wouldn’t come, and anyway the Ramayana is better. mahabharata/a is a DIY, refracted continuation of an ancient oral tradition, made by Anna Himali Howard and Zarina Muhammad.

Positive by AB Positive Productions 

Created, devised, made by Shelley Silas & Martyn Duffy
Performed by Martyn Duffy
Sound by Martyn Duffy

Martyn has been living with HIV for nearly 30 years.   We want to explore his personal story via an inquest of memory and the ways that memory distorts not just his, but each of our own stories.  Who can we trust?   What is pain?  What does stigma mean for us |@abpositiveprod |#abpositiveprod 

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