Big Bang: Common People

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Tue 24 April at 7:30pm

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£12/10 (conc.)

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Part of Common People: the working class theatre festival. Browse the full programme here. Take advantage of our double bill ticket offer, and book two different shows on the same night for just £16! Simply add the tickets into your basket and we’ll do the rest. Common People runs from Tue 17 – Sat 28 April.

An explosive night of performance from which new universes of theatre may one day emerge. Expect brand new works-in-progress, never-before-seen ideas and some of the freshest work from the UK’s most innovative and exciting theatre makers based on the themes of Common People. 

The line-up:

All the foods I never knew until I got to Uni by Daisy Hale

“Why are you putting raw salmon on a bagel?”

Discovering smoked salmon was the first in a long line of foods Daisy had never heard of before arriving at University. The next day she went out and bought £1 Morrison’s own brand salmon trimmings, so she could feel fancy too.
Food throughout history has been inexplicably connected with the idea of class. Say the two together and you’re met with an easy cache of clichés.
How many of these are still true? Does the food we cook link directly to class identity?
Daisy has had many cups of tea and natters about this and now it’s your turn in this seminar to explore in depth whether our approach to and knowledge of food is shaped by economics or are there other factors at play?

(You will be quizzed.)

fill yr gob first then speak for maximum effect by gobscure

“multiply disabled now (so no slacking or shirking there) – some class theory says this makes us underclass – our labour too marginal to exploit.  following a sectioning we spent thirteen year working towards open university degree – engels conditions of english working class blowing us away (its poetry too) – should be compulsory reading for all govern-mentals.  our council flats around 100 yards from red heritage plaque marking 1815 heaton colliery disaster – 75 killed including children – cons in power always hating red tape.  with a post-austerity crutch (was an austerity crutch and only one, apparently hardworking families demanded it) and coal from newcastle – we’ll examine erasures of our memories, discovering poetic truths & showing how remembering is more urgent than ever.  this performance is inspired by one of our closest friends who was taught by her tyneside miner-dad before world war two :  ‘never speak with yr mouth-half full.  fill it first & then speak for greatest effect.’   luxury biscuits will get sprayed!”

Watch the trailer here.

Trishelle: Out of Order by Katie O’Brien

Trishelle: Out of Order is a one-woman show made up of storytelling, character, installation and interactive theatre. It aims to give a positive outlook on choosing to abstain from drugs and alcohol, told in a very personable, relatable, informative, funny, generous and surprising way by Katie O’Brien, a Writer Performer who finds herself 20 years sober aged 37.

This unique story about being an addict, being sober and what that has meant to Katie O’Brien, and maybe to others, looks at addiction in all its glory, mess, joy and darkness. Katie also explores the idea of accepting and embracing the addictive aspect of humanity and not to over-pathologize ourselves.


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