[Cancelled] Big Bang: Calm Down, Dear 2020 #1

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Mon 11 May 2020 at 7.30pm

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£12/£10 (conc.)

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Due to government advice relating to the Coronavirus outbreak, this event is no longer taking place. To read our full message to audiences, please click here

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An explosive night of performance from which new universes of theatre may one day emerge. Expect brand new works-in-progress, never-before-seen ideas and some of the freshest work from the UK’s most innovative and exciting theatre-makers based on the themes of Calm Down, Dear.

The line-up

‘Franca Says’ No by Paper Smokers
In 1966 Franca Viola became the first Italian woman to take to court a cultural convention that would have her marry her rapist Filippo Melodia, a mafia youngster. With her NO, Franca changed the course of justice and opened the path for other women to follow. The law which allowed a rapist to extinguish his crime by marrying his victim was abolished only in 1981 in Italy and sexual violence became a crime only in 1996. Still today, all around the world, there are cases like Franca’s and countries where such laws are still present. In this new show, Paper Smokers explore topics of consent, cultural laws and family bonds through the story of one woman that said NO.

‘Compliments and Banter’ by Ruth Adams
Who doesn’t love a bit of compliments and banter? Let’s all feel great together with clowning and dodgy stand-up jokes. Oh and a tiny keyboard and tiny stool. Don’t forget those. And just who is the cameo man on stage? Is cameo man needed? What is cameo man? Man?
A part clowning, part stand-up style piece using live vocals and song, to examine and challenge the phrase ‘Not All Men’ when tackling the subject of street/ sexual harassment. The performance plays with the perceived notions of power, especially between a woman and man and how their positionings and status on stage can affect these perceptions.

‘The Friendship Project’ by Ellie and Pia
This is a show that explores true friendship. As their relationship has grown, Ellie and Pia have seen the benefits of supporting each other and providing a platform from which to speak. Navigating new emotions and showing the best of what female friendships can be, this is a show that confronts obstacles to find out what it means to love unconditionally. Women are one of the strongest forces but only together.

‘Somewhere’ by Kira Golightly
1 in 5 women will be a victim of sexual assault in their lifetime. Just 1.5% of all rape cases lead to charge or summons. This one-woman show follows a night that one woman can’t quite remember, but will never forget. Using verbatim text from interviews with Jury service, and original text, Somewhere explores the reclamation of the female body and voice, highlighting the misogyny of the justice system, the inability to be heard as a woman and the desperate need to keep speaking.

Image of ‘Compliments and Banter’ (c) Ruth Adams

Image description: A woman standing with her mouth open and see-through plastic material covering her face and body.

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Mon 11 May, 2020
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