Big Bang 8

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Fri 11 - Sat 12 Nov at 7.30pm

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Part of our Autumn 2016 season. Browse the full season here.

Two nights of explosive new works-in-progress from early career artists: be the first to catch some of the freshest work from a carefully selected line up of some of the UK’s most innovative and exciting theatre makers. This Autumn’s programme includes recipients of CPT’s second round of BAME seed commissions, and Modupe Salu’s NSDF smash hit I Can’t Breathe . See the full line-up for each day below:


Cypher by Marika Mckennell

Female graffiti artist in London 1996: Who Killed Chamaeleon Girl? Two sisters combine theatre, poetry and music. The play sets up one fictional narrative to reveal a more pertinent one of struggle and dominance in society.

Cypher is supported by CPT’s seed commissions for artists from a BAME background.

@MckennellM | #WhoKilledCamGirl

How I Saved The Western Black Rhino by Nathan Harrison

There have been five major extinction events in the earth’s history. With the current extinction rate thousands of times higher than normal, we might be in the middle of the sixth – and this would be the first one driven by an organism (spoiler: the organism is us).

Australian performer Nathan Harrison looks at our relationship with this extinction event within the context of the earth’s biological history. This is an attempt to wrestle with the complex feelings that extinction provokes – along with the uplifting story of Nathan saving the Western Black Rhino from extinction.


Divided by Subika Anwar-Khan

‘Divided’ has been developed with Hopscotch Charity and inspired by real life case studies of domestic violence and segregation. As three different characters explore integration into an unknown territory, flat representations of femininity are challenged by understanding westernisation from a South Asian perspective and the temptation to return to the familiar. Divided uses different music styles and genres, from South Asian Ghazals to Funk to illustrate the perplexity of integration into the West.

@SubikaAnwar | #DividedThePlay


Kill Climate Deniers by David Finnigan

Kill Climate Deniers asks one simple question: What would it take to actually stop climate change, dead in its tracks? As Fleetwood Mac take the stage in Australia’s Parliament House, 96 armed eco-terrorists storm the building and take the whole crowd hostage, threatening to execute everyone unless Australia ends global warming. Tonight.

Writer/performer David Finnigan takes you for a trip into the blunt force world of Australian politics, soundtracked by a dancefloor-ready mix of classic House and Techno from 1988-93. Kill Climate Deniers is the explosive, action-heavy journey into climate politics you’ve been waiting for. Beginning life as a playscript, Kill Climate Deniers has since evolved into an album of original music, an ebook, a short film and a live performance that is also a dance party.

@davidfinig | #killclimatedeniers

Black Holes by Seke Chimutengwende and Alexandrina Hemsley

A short afro futurist history of the universe. Choreographers Seke Chimutengwende and Alexandrina Hemsley relentlessly recount the history of the universe; from the Big Bang through to the future death of the sun and the final disappearance of all matter into black holes. Orbiting this initial site of birth/ destruction and framing history as one long disaster movie, they race their way through everything that has ever happened.
In times where there is an increased awareness of how systematic white privilege and racial biases have formed fixed reference points for history, education and identities; where it can sometimes feel as if no other matter survives, Black Holes dreams up alternatives, asking the big questions on a small/short scale: How did it all start? Where did it all go wrong? How will it all end? Could we save the universe from eating itself alive?
Black Holes is supported by CPT’s seed commissions for artists from a BAME background.

@SekeChim @AlexandrinaHem | #blackholes

Get A Grip by Hari Ramakrishnan and Eduardo Gama

Get A Grip follows Tanvir, a young twenty-something male, who finds it difficult to date people in real life or to have any meaningful relationships as he spends most of his time watching porn. He has become an online sensation and developed a cult following for his rigorous film reviews about porn. However, one day, a comment on his post leads to him being recommended to see a specialist, where he is diagnosed with a serious problem. We follow Tanvir through what is known as a ‘reboot’ phase to overcome his porn addiction. The show is derived from personal experience of battling porn addiction, alongside testimonials and struggles from online bloggers.

In recent years, websites and forums have been set up to help young people addicted to porn. Addiction to porn can change the way the brain operates: addicts find it increasingly difficult to enjoy real-world stimulation and interactions, and many lose interest in real sex.

 Get A Grip’ satirises the porn industry, the entertainment industry and how we look at the arts altogether. It uses the art of Bouffon as popularized by Jacques Lecoq to get to a deeper realization of what sex and being an artist means in contemporary society. The script made it to the top 20 of Bristol Old Vics Open Session submissions this year.

@PariahKhan | #GetAGrip


I Can’t Breathe by Modupe Salu

A performative response on the death at the hands of the New York police of Eric Garner. It explores the journey of the black identity, mixing and matching different artists voices from the past and present times, through their poems and songs whilst tying the journey up with Modupe’s own voice and identity.
Winner of the Buzz Goodbody Director Award and the Spotlight Most Promising Actress Award (both for Modupe Salu) at National Student Drama Festival 2016.

@itsmemdee | #ICan’tBreathe

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