BIG BANG 27th September

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Monday 27th September at 7:15pm

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£12 (£10 concession)

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“A vital, nourishing seedbed for bold, new and emerging artists” – The Stage

Sprint is CPT’s annual festival of new and unusual theatre. Even more than elsewhere in our calendar, we throw open our doors – and our stages – to artists at the dawn of their careers, making brand new cutting-edge work. Click here to view the full line up.

For information on the measures we are taking to stop the spread of COVID-19, as well as an FAQ covering what you can expect when you visit CPT, please see here.

Big Bang is CPT’s regular scratch night: an explosion of performance from which new universes of theatre may one day emerge. These jam-packed platforms are highlights of any CPT season: the place to see wild and wonderful new projects take their first steps.

Each bill features three or four artists or companies performing 15-20mins of fresh-from-the-rehearsal-room work-in-development. They’re doing so because they want to know what works and what doesn’t, and they’d love you to tell them. So please join us for – and share your thoughts on – these exclusive previews of tomorrow’s most exciting theatre, today…

Going Deutsch by Anna Clover

Following a bereavement, Brexit and a bad break up Anna decides to make some changes. When Anna suggested calling up her ex, her friends were appalled,  and to her surprise, her family felt very much the same way when she jumped in to bed with Germany. 

In ‘Going Deutsch’ Anna dates the country offering her citizenship despite taking the lives (and passports) of so many who came before her. Should she get back with Germany? Can they get past their history?   Could they ever make it work? 

This is is a comedic show about relationships, inherited trauma and how much the past shapes the future.


This performance contains reference to or themes of genocide, racism, intimate partner violence and sex. 

Twitter:@anna_clover  | Instagram: @oiclover 

HOLE by Holly Spillar

Live Music, sex doll friends, men in clubs and NHS dildos! 

How will Hole navigate the world of sex, when nothing quite fits? 

Hole is a women with Vaginismus – a condition that often prevents penetration. But its also preventing her from a ‘whole’ lot more. What does it mean to be a Hole when you can’t take a Pole? 

Do we have use by dates? If so, where are they? Does anyone else remember the 2000’s CBBC show Jungle Run?! 

“With laser focus and innovation coming from every direction, her work demands to be seen” – Brian Lobel.

Twitter: HollyJoySpills | Instagram:hollyspillar 

Shit Show (untitled bowel project) by Good Friends for a Lifetime

It helped Saint Theresa see the face of God. It inspired Sigmund Freud’s theory of human psychology. It caused the rise and fall of ‘Dr’ Gillian McKeith. Shit can be a powerful thing. 

Sparked by research into toilet activism, wellness industries, gut feminism and histories of shit, Shit Show breaks down the metaphors and cultural anxieties that surround bowels and digestive health. Good Friends worship the power of a good shit. Expect blood, guts and crap dancing.  

Twitter: @goodfriendsfalt | Instagram: @goodfriendsforalifetime 

PG14 by Kayleigh Hunt

Woman or girl? The goal is woman. The goal has always been to be a woman. 

PG14 is a solo performance that investigates the juxtaposition of young girls wanting to be more grown up and the crude over-sexualisation of girls in the forefront of the media’s attention. Using verbatim text and original writing, PG14 combines post-dramatic theatre and autobiographical work. The work focuses on Britney Spears circa 1998-2000, Millie Bobby Brown and several other women who shot to fame as teenagers, as well as Kayleigh’s own teenage years, holding a magnifying glass to the cold underbelly of fame and adolescence. 

Supported by The Midnight Florist Collective. 


This performance contains references to sexual assault. | Twitter: @kayleighxhunt | Instagram: @kayleighxhunt 

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