Big Bang 20th September

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Monday 20th September at 7:15pm

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£12 (£10 concession)

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“A vital, nourishing seedbed for bold, new and emerging artists” – The Stage

Sprint is CPT’s annual festival of new and unusual theatre. Even more than elsewhere in our calendar, we throw open our doors – and our stages – to artists at the dawn of their careers, making brand new cutting-edge work. Click here to view the full line up.

For information on the measures we are taking to stop the spread of COVID-19, as well as an FAQ covering what you can expect when you visit CPT, please see here.

Big Bang is CPT’s regular scratch night: an explosion of performance from which new universes of theatre may one day emerge. These jam-packed platforms are highlights of any CPT season: the place to see wild and wonderful new projects take their first steps.

Each bill features three or four artists or companies performing 15-20mins of fresh-from-the-rehearsal-room work-in-development. They’re doing so because they want to know what works and what doesn’t, and they’d love you to tell them. So please join us for – and share your thoughts on – these exclusive previews of tomorrow’s most exciting theatre, today…

Orig(anal) Sin by Connor Coxx

What is the true word of The Lord? God Hates Fags of course! How should we spread His joyous message? As a never ending protest made of colourful signs, hate speech, and parody songs of Lady Gaga lead by The Westboro Baptist Church! 

Join Connor Coxx for a fabulous drag cabaret like no other! Together we will rejoice in the true word of God, in an evening of singing, dancing, and homophobia! Embark on his journey to discover the New Testament and get involved! Let him nurture you in finally servicing our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ the right way. 

Supported by The University of Chichester and The Showroom. 


This performance contains homophobic language.  | Twitter: @connorcoxx1 | Instagram: connorcoxx1 

Bubblegum Pop by Hula Hoop Theatre Company

Bubblegum and Pop is an eighties teenagers magazine brought to life by DDKI theatre company where “Smash Hits meets My Guy” in real life.  Included are music, fashion and problem pages, dramatic photo stories, letters pages, beauty tips, facts, horoscopes and quizzes along with posters of your favourite pop stars and their hits. 


This performance contains smoke.

Instagram: @hulahooptheatrecompany

Side FX by Katie Paterson

Would you take a pill every day without knowing anything about it? 

Up to 6% of the UK Population take a combination of oestrogen and/or progesterone. Many will take their daily dosage for years, decades even. So you might expect a wealth of information to be available about hormone use, mechanism, impact. Or, knowing the history of women, medicine and pharmaceuticals, you might not hold that hope.  

Side FX is a cabaret-lecture drawn from a dramaturgical dressing up box of cabaret, comedy and musical forms. This work in progress performance synthesises personal narrative with qualitative interviews and a Drama graduate’s grasp on biomedical science. | Twitter: @KatieCPaterson | Instagram: @KatieCPaterson 

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