Big Bang

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Mon 10 Dec at 7:30pm

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£12/10 (conc.)

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Part of our Autumn 2018 programme. Browse the full season here

Our signature night of brand new work-in-progress performances returns this Autumn with explosive new work, featuring the latest recipients of our BAME seed commissions. Tonight’s performers include Kenton Jordan Thomas and Charlie George.

The line-up:

MyMan – An Origin Story by The Theatre Of Consciousness

MyMan – An Origin Story is an autobiographical tale from an alternate timeline.

It follows Marcus Miller as he discovers the power of his imagination, and uses it to escape the dark reality of being a black teenager in a knife and gang ridden Britain.

We follow Marcus on the expressive, epic and comedic journey of his final day as Marcus Miller, and experience the highs and lows of becoming the superhero, MyMan.


Polite Savage by Charlie George Comedy

Charlie George is a polite savage. A former circus freak turned stressed yogi. Charlie came to comedy to find her voice. Turns out her voice is a lot like an 18th century white man’s trapped inside the body of a queer brown lady.

A hilarious performance exploring what it means to be both in a divided world. Celebrating the alien, the other, and the weirdo in all of us.

A riot grrl howl in the dark from Wiltshire’s most insignificant funny brown female.


Blood and Guts by Tom Ward

When you are brought up in a society that uses your body as capital, how are you to navigate it safely?

For the first time, Kathy Acker’s most controversial novel Blood and Guts in Highschool (1984) is being adapted for the stage. A story about a young victim of circumstance called Janey, Acker’s most popular (and controversial) novel is a story of Capitalism, sex, the female body, and punk. Combining illustration, plagiarism, stream of consciousness, and poetry, Blood and Guts in Highschool has the potential to be a thrilling piece of theatre, and one that does not have answers, but instead questions society’s wrath and indifference.

This will be the first time that Tom is testing Blood and Guts in front of an audience, with the view to continue working towards a full production in the future.

This production may contain swearing.



Image credit: (c) Joe Twigg

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