Big Bang

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Mon 1 Oct at 7:30pm

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£12/10 (conc.)

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Part of our Autumn 2018 programme. Browse the full season here

Our signature night of brand new work-in-progress performances returns this Spring with explosive new work, including new projects by the latest recipients of our seed commissions for artists from BAME backgrounds.

The line-up:

Daddy Issues by Yana Penrose, directed by Molly Leigh-Moy
“The only clues my Mum generously gave me about my Dad was that he’s black, and American. His name didn’t make my birth certificate but luckily I had a really vivid imagination. So in my mind my dad was Samuel L Jackson”.
What is it like, not having a dad? And how does it feel coming face to face with them once you’re already grown? Daddy Issues explores the complexity of growing up without a Dad, and the grit and shit it leaves you with.

US “#The Fight” by Priscilla Lafayette Kwabi
Performed by COUNCIL XI
Direction by Janisè Sadik
Serwaah, Grace and Magdalena dream of coming to London to become rich and fend for their families back home. Their ‘family’ and ‘friends’ overseas have spent months in communication with them, the girls are excited about the opportunities awaiting them on the other side of the world.  Everything seems perfect.
Layered with soothing choral melodies and movement, US is an emotional, funny and conflicting piece about three young women trafficked into London. They put aside their culture, their race and come together to fight for their freedom.

Dear Daughter by Segen Yosef
You know that storeroom, cupboard or that drawer full of letters you should you go through, but you don’t NEED to. It’s just like the question… Where you from?
An easy question to some, but the most dreaded one for me. How do you answer if you’re still trying to figure it out yourself?
You don’t, you avoid it.
Help me solve this puzzle called my life where I try and work out how to answer the question ‘Where are you from?’… and then try and explain it all to my daughter.

The First Thousand Objects by David Finnigan
A first outing of a work looking at some of the objects that define the present strange era. From the creator of Kill Climate Deniers and a regular collaborator with Coney.

Image credit: (c) Jody Evans

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