Big Bang #11

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Sun 9 Oct at 7pm

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£12 / 10 (conc)

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Part of Calm Down Dear, CPT’s unique festival of innovative feminist performance.

The second of two scratch nights as part of Calm Down Dear, exploring the themes of the festival. Expect brand new works in progress, never-before-seen ideas and artists dipping their toes in the water. Schedule to be announced, but artists performing include:

BODIY (working title) by Milk Presents 

Recipients of CPT’s brand new HomeRun commission, Milk Presents present an interactive installation exploring gender identity, part of their work on new project BODIY.

The Coping Chapter by Kittensh*t

When a character is revealed as having been sexually abused on a TV show or film, it’s used to justify why they are ‘broken.’ Why they turn to drugs, prostitution, an eating disorder, self-harm; why they commit suicide, can’t have a successful relationship; why they murder people or go onto abuse others. And its bollocks! The majority of cases of sexual abuse go unreported, so where are all the victims? Are they curled up in a ball, whispering to themselves about how life is a misery? No. So what are they doing?

Womb by Myah Jeffers

A  teenage  girl  is  on  the  quest  to  find  herself  through  male  attention.  She  navigates  her  journey  to womanhood  by  becoming  a  woman  as  quickly  as  she  can.  Or  at  least  she  tries  to.   Womb  follows  the  ramblings,  thoughts  and  decisions  of  a  young  black  girl  coming  to  terms  with  her   sexual  desires.  But  ‘he’  doesn’t  want  her  to  become  too  self-­‐assured  and  tries  to  mould  her  into  his  idea  of   a  woman.  Will  she  be  able  to  maintain  her  true  sense  of  self?  Or  will  she  become  consumed  by  him?

Suck It Up by Janine Fletcher

Suck It Up explores how the shape of a body can also shape a life and draws on relationships to food as a means of emotional control. It is an attempt to seek comfort in the uncomfortable.

This evening’s performance is a very early work-in-progress showing to test ideas with an audience. These early stages have been supported by South East Dance in partnership with Jerwood Charitable Foundation, and an informal residency at Ovalhouse. Suck It Up is being developed in 2016/2017. Choreographed and performed by Janine Fletcher. Dramturgy by Sue MacLaine.

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