Big Bang #1 Come As You Are edition

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Mon 18 Sep at 7.30pm

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£12 / 10 (conc)
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Part of Come As You Are, a three-week festival interrogating and celebrating gender from cis to trans, from binary to beyond. The festival runs from Tue 12 Sep – Sun 1 Oct. Take advantage of our double bill ticket offer, and book two different shows on the same night for just £16! Simply add the tickets into your basket and we’ll do the rest.

Our regular night of works-in-progress returns for two Come As You Are special editions, exploring the themes of the festival. This event will include the following performances:


Salty by Sal Francis Morton

Salty exists in a state of flux, along with performer Sal Francis Morton’s transitional gender. An agitated look at hormones, genitals, shagging, and being annoyingly congruent with the binary gender system. Salty lives in a semi-improvised, conversational tone punctuated by blips of heightened persona dark comedy. May not contain nuts.

Flesh by Azara Meghie

A physical exploration of boundaries and limitations, dissecting what causes a person to attach gender to a certain part of the body by the way it looks, or from a specific action and why. Creating a dialogue between text and movement, the movement will provide answers – or sometimes questions – to the spoken text. | @azararm

Riottt Thing by Griffyn Gilligan

What’s your call to arms?

This is a flare, a subtweet, a half-drunk manifesto, a zine come to life. It’s all the slippery things between the necessity of feminism and the end of the gender binary. We’re all looking for a rumpus to join – this is just the start. | @gillidactyl

Too Pretty to Punch by Edalia

A one-person, kickass celebration of trans-visibility and self acceptance; a mix of clown, mime, music, spoken word and video projection focusing on society’s obsession with trans bodies, judging our acceptability on how attractive we are and the horrifically high rates of trans homicide and suicide around the world. | @ladyedalia


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