Be Better (past)

Dates and Times

16 January 2015 to 18 January 2014 at 9pm

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£12 / 10

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Presented by Urban Foxes Collective

Welcome to the warped world of our present age, Be Better!

Saskia and Elena honestly reveal their own uniquely destructive form of narcissism, presenting a comedic, absurd and fantastical critique of self-worth for two Generation Y casualties. Using text, movement and music to ask the audience – are they presenting a worthwhile means of artistic expression? Or have we all reached an accepted state of complete self-obsessions, where to worship at the altar of the self has become the norm?

About the collective

Urban Foxes Collective are an all female group of artists specializing in physical and multi-disciplinary theatre. We draw inspiration from eclectic sources including critical theory as well as our own experiences to examine the place of the female in today’s society. We combine rigorous research with high theatricality to create engaging, playful and thought provoking theatre.

Urban Foxes return with Be Better after a scratch version was presented as part of Calm Down, Dear festival of feminism in October 2013. Urban Foxes have since sold out Hotel Bastille at CPT in July 2014.


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