B A R D O (off-site)

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Sat 8 Oct at 3.15pm

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£7 / 5 (conc)

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Part of Calm Down Dear, CPT’s unique festival of innovative feminist performance. Catch two shows on the same night for £16 with our double bill offer. Browse the full programme here.

Presented by Caroline Smith


What is it to walk a line of uncertainty, to experience a bardo?

‘Bardo’ is a Tibetan word that depicts being in a realm of transition. Often it is assumed to be undesirable; not for the faint-hearted; full of uncertainty and unrest, suspended between life and death. But this realm can fuel creativity. It can overturn the old and summon the new. As the past is ruptured, this in-between state can transform old ways of being. The new and the previously unimagined emerge.

This project is an interconnected audio walk and series of workshops inspired by Smith’s residency at the Feminist Library, and explores writing (found and created at the Feminist Library) in the realm of the Bardo. Mirroring the real life, precarious situation at the Library, where its 40 year-old existence is under threat as it faces eviction at the end of October, and change is essential for its survival, so Smith explores ways in which writing is the starting point for departure, using the notion of the Bardo as a creative strategy. The project is in collaboration with artists Minna Haukka and Emma Thatcher.

B A R D O workshops

Available for all who identify as female, cis, trans and/or gender queer. Each innovative workshop will intensively explore an individual’s creative writing at the precipice, using documents such as the Library’s original logbooks along with the practice of mindful meditation as tools. For more information and to book a place on a workshop (10th, 17th, 24th, Oct 1st: 3-5.15pm) please email: [email protected].

B A R D O audio walk

This starts at the Feminist Library in Waterloo, and ends at Camden People’s Theatre, approx 3 miles. Walkers experience a bardo with a soundtrack of stories and sound, with live intervention in and between the library and the theatre; between archive and black box; between here and there. Please book tickets via CPT’s website in advance.

Please note this walk takes approx 1hour and 30 minutes and is timed specially for our arrival into the theatre space. We will be walking together at an average walking pace. Please wear appropriate footwear. Please note that you will receive a email link to download the BARDO soundtrack before the day of the walk. If you have queries, please contact [email protected].

The windows at Camden People’s Theatre will be transformed in October into a temporary Feminist Library, devised by visual artist Minna Haukka and Caroline Smith.

About the artist

Caroline Smith is the first Writer in Residence at the Feminist Library. She is a performer, artist and writer exploring disturbances between self and other, often by creating alter egos. She has shown work at the Tate, ICA, Chelsea Theatre, Summerhall for Edinburgh Fringe and her sell-out chat show Louche Women ran at the Poetry Café for 2 years. She is moving towards collaborative, text-based works and B A R D O is part of this direction, working with visual artist Minna Haukka and sound artist Emma Thatcher.


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