An Essay on Reality

Dates and Times

Sat 16 Jan at 5pm (50 mins)

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£12 / 10

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Part of Whose London Is It Anyway?, a festival of theatre, performance and discussion exploring the changing face of our capital city.

Presented by Luisa Amorim

An Essay on Reality is a surrealistic show that explores the life of a London family with a 5-year old daughter.

It’s a performance-installation in which the set design is constructed as part of the show by the performer Luisa Amorim, her chef partner Todor Kotsev and their daughter Graça.

The setting here is a metaphor for their daily routine: who minds the kid, who goes to work, meal preparation, exasperation, tiredness and lots of joy.

This is a semi-rehearsed performance where a normal life is deconstructed and meta-constructed, creating a surreal play.

Catch An Essay on Reality in a double bill with This Is Private Property (7.15pm) or Where Will We Live (9pm). Two shows for just £16!

About the company

Luisa Amorim is a performance artist and researcher. She is interested on how to bring the real life to the stage, and on audience engagement. Todor Kotsev is a chef and musician. He works at The Duke of Cambridge in Islington. Graça Kotseva – Amorim and Kotsev’s daughter – is a smart and creative five years old child.

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