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Sat 17 Sep at From 2pm

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£12 / 10 (conc)

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Part of our Autumn 2016 season. Three months on: a day of talks and performances to help you map the post-Brexit landscape. 

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In June, Britain shocked the world – and at least 48% of its residents – by voting to leave the EU. The country was propelled into one of the biggest crises for decades, the fall-out from which may last for years. So where does the Brexit vote leave us? What now for Remain supporters? What new relationships with Europe – and with our own European-ness – might evolve?

Following on from our Before the Referendum event in the spring, CPT again partners with the European Theatre Research Network (University of Kent), the Inside/Outside Europe Research Network (University of Winchester) and Birkbeck Centre for Contemporary Theatre, to bring you a one-day festival exploring European identity. Featuring specially commissioned new performances from artists including Pablo Pakula, Jesse Fox and Ben Hadley – plus talks, discussions and provocations – After the Referendum is the place to be as the struggle to define post-Brexit Britain begins.

Programme of events for afternoon ticket

2pm – New Europe by Jesse Fox in association with Engineer Theatre Collective (35mins – full info below)
2.45pm – Talk #1: Culture, post-Brexit (90mins approx – full info below)
4.30pm – If/Then by Lisa Alexander and Hari Marini (45mins – full info below)

New Europe by Jesse Fox in association with Engineer Theatre Collective 

A redundancy, the tearing down of a wall, a teenage kiss, the death of a parent, a vote in a referendum. Life is a series of turning points; of massive and minute opportunities taken or missed. Only on reflection can we begin to unpick the impact of our choices and the choices made for us…

New Europe is a work in progress piece created and inspired by a generation that was born to a world of great optimism. Following the end of the Cold War, we were the first children of the modern era to grow up in a continent not carved in two along a deep ideological divide. Yet now, as we come of age, Europe is fracturing again. Depreciating currencies, exploding bombs, drowning people and braying crowds.

It is time for our generation to articulate our perception of what has happened to the bright New Europe we were born to. Utilising high impact, performer-led sound design and in response to interviews with young Europeans from across the continent, this one man show will unpick our hopes and fears for Europe and shine a sharp light on our tightly held notions of progress, modernity and permanence.

Talk#1: Culture, post-Brexit

A panel of theatremakers and commentators discuss cultural futures in the aftermath of Brexit.  Where do we go from here?

If / Then by  Lisa Alexander and Hari Marini

If/Then explores the terrain of the dilemma drawing on examples in history, myth, literature, philosophy, geopolitics, the media and political doublethink; alongside on-street vocal recordings of the general public and written responses by selected artists, writers, poets. The performance frames a multitude of stories on people, boundaries, the universal and the everyday. What questions simply cannot be answered by a yes or no and how would you respond?

If/Then enacts a poetics of plurality and reversal; performing a string of spoken, typed and recorded dilemmas on love, morality, private, public, sacred, profane and the impossibility of duality itself. Matched, mismatched and unanswered by a series of questions. Responses between street, stage and page serve to further illustrate the multiplicity and validity of singular points of view – expanding the slippage between yes and no.

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