Adventure One

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Sat 9, Sat 16-Sun 17 and Sat 23 Jan at 12pm and 3pm

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£14.50 / £11 (plus booking fees)

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Part of Whose London Is It Anyway?, a festival of theatre, performance and discussion exploring the changing face of our capital city.

Presented by Coney

Please note, this event takes place off-site.

You’ll be tailing someone who works in the heart of the financial system. You’ll need to blend into the city around you, so that you don’t draw attention. We don’t have permission to be doing this. We don’t have permission to be here. What happens next – well, that’s up to you.

Adventure 1 is the first of a planned set of adventures by Coney, A Tail Of Two Cities, exploring our relationship to the financial system and the crisis. It takes place in the financial district of a city, first made for London but with an eye for new versions to be made in other cities.

You’ll need to exchange emails with an associate a few days in advance of the adventure. On the day, you’ll need a smartphone, earphones, and your wits about you.

We can’t tell you any more here.

“Informative and entertaining… Offers you the opportunity to test your nerve, in situations which blur the line between ‘real’ and ‘fiction’… Well worth checking out!! – Playing at Plays, March 2015


About the company

Coney are interactive theatre-makers. They weave together theatre and game design to create dynamic shows and experiences that can take place anywhere that people gather: in theatres, schools, museums, on the streets and online. Their work takes whichever form is best to tell the story and always responds to the site, setting and imagination of the audience. They like to use clever digital means to talk to our audiences and build their stories with them.

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