Academy for Women

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Sun 21 May at 5pm & 7pm

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£12 / 10 (conc)

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Presented by Slovak Theatre in London

“I too would have given you the same answers if you asked me back then I was a prostitute.  I would have told you, “Yes, I do this voluntarily.” I would have been incapable of telling you otherwise.  I had resigned myself to my fate. And furthermore, I would have never been able to say to the man that each of his acts was in fact a rape.” (Raymond, J.: Not a Choice, Not a Job)

Prostitutes are hated, praised, ignored, accepted… Nevertheless, they are still there, standing on the busy road in cold or heat. Can we spare one hour thinking about them? We invite you to take a turn in the street of shame, to look straight in glass windows, far behind smiles, underwear, naked skin of prostitutes. We dare you to remove the layer of judgements and myths,  listening to prostitutes’ innermost experience.

Are we responsible for the hurts? Can we stop the suffering and promote decent jobs? Shall we try gathering prostitutes in a brothel-style academy and give them books to read? It will might work! Let us see…

Slovak Theatre in London makes its debut in Camden People’s Theatre after years of touring and performing at various places in the UK, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Belgium. Actors in the current production are students of UK universities.

Written and directed by Juliana Sersenova
Composed by Katarina Sliacka
Designed by Sara Siskova
Cast: Klaudia Tomanova, Petra Cornakova, Simona Vrabcova, Matej Paprciak

Please note, the 5pm performance will be in English & the 7pm performance will be in slovak and Czech language with no subtitles.

About the company

Slovak Theatre in London is a platform for young artists from Slovakia and Czech Republic living in London. It performs devised productions bilingually for both, native and international communities since 2010. It was founded by Juliana Sersenova, the director and theatre maker who graduated in MA Applied Theatre (RCSSD, 2015).

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