A Scratch Night of Play

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Sun 29 Nov at From 6pm

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Curated by William Drew for Coney

Coney return to Camden People’s Theatre to present another evening of playing theatre. We’ll again be presenting short pieces and works-in-progress that invite the audience to play (in some way or other) either in the theatre or elsewhere in the building: standing up, sitting down or moving around. These pieces will include work from Coney’s network of artists, makers and games designers in an evening curated by Coney associate William Drew.

This event will include work from:

  • Esses & De Mesa
  • Toby Peach and Anne Langford
  • Trendscendence
  • Venice as a Dolphin
  • Coney
  • Joe Ball
  • Daniel Hills
  • Leigh/ Obolewicz/ O’Connor
  • Adam James and Hamish MacPherson

 and board games, curated by Gareth Briggs.

About Coney

Coney are interactive theatre-makers. We weave together theatre and game design to create dynamic shows and experiences that can take place anywhere that people gather: in theatres, schools, museums, on the streets and online.

@agencyofconey | www.coneyhq.org

William Drew is a writer and games designer. As Venice as a Dolphin, he took part in CPT’s Starting Blocks 2015 programme, with Public Radio. He is an Associate of Coney, for whom he co-made The Green Gold Conspiracy, Adventure 1 and Futureplay.


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