A Scandal In Bloomsbury – An Improvised Murder Mystery

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Fri 22nd- Sat 23rd Feb at 19.30

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£7/ £5 concession

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Presented by UCL Roaming Garage Theatre Workshop and UCL Comedy Club

Quick, there’s been a murder! Gather the usual suspects and call the cops, because we’ve got a mystery on our hands! Join the UCL Blank Slates in trying to solve the crime of the century while misleading motives, confusing clues and suspicious… uh… suspects all rear their ugly heads. It’ll take the world’s greatest detective to solve this one!

Act one takes place at the funeral of our poor, woeful victim. Attending are our handful of potential suspects. Through a series of flashbacks, help our wannabe Holmes pick out exactly how each one of these dastardly ne’er-do-wells is connected to our victim.

In the second half, watch the detective interrogate all our suspects and try to work out who the real killer is among the sea of distractions, deceptions and dubiously coloured fish. Whodunnit? That’s for you to decide, so choose wisely! Howdunnit? That’s for the improvisers to figure out.

If you want a detective mystery that’s a little more scrappy and a little less by the book, come on down to Camden People’s Theatre and help the Blank Slates answer the age-old question once and for all: Who, indeed, dunnit?

Age restriction 14+

About the company

The Roaming Garage Theatre Workshop is a theatre company which functions as part of the Student Union UCL Stage Crew Society (herein Stage Crew). Before the opening of the UCL Bartlett School of Architecture in 2016, The Garage occupied a space on its site on Taviton Street until 2014. Here, The Garage Theatre was home to fringe productions, autonomously produced by societies of the Students’ Union UCL, alongside Stage Crew. As of then, the Garage has continued to produce shows in studio spaces in and around the UCL Bloomsbury campus, since termed the Roaming Garage Theatre Workshop.

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