A playday and a salon on a better politics (for a common good)

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25 July 2015 to 26 July 2014 at Saturday 25th 12pm-6pm | Sunday 26th 2pm-7pm

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Suggested donation £5

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Presented by Coney

Coney invites you to take part in a weekend of play and conversation towards making a better politics about a common good. It’s an open space, where everyone is welcome whatever their politics, whatever their experience, whatever their confidence. If you care about how we might champion the progressive values of a common good, you're welcome.

We’ll be making and sharing tools for political engagement and a very different kind of activism, and hosting a space for good conversations – not the difficult ornery kind you sometimes get about politics or activism, but something more open and engaging.

In the playday on the Saturday, we’ll host an open space to make tools which might help make play in the systems that underpin our lives; or help counter the memes and metaphors floating through political discourse and the media; or help make better connections and conversations with people who think differently to us. Come along if you’re a theatre/performance maker, a game designer, a participation facilitator – or just interested in exploring how these might be applied to the task at hand.

In the salon on the Sunday, we will gather a group of people from different backgrounds and host a space to spark chats towards #agoodquestion and other formats for making better political conversation. And then share the tools we made in the playday, and open up the question of what happens next. Come along if you’re open for a good conversation. Come along to either or both yourself – and if possible bring along someone who wouldn’t normally think to come to an event like this.

Both the playday and the salon are Pay What You Want. We’d suggest a fiver, only to cover the direct costs of the event.

For more information, drop a line to [email protected]. If you’d like to have come but can’t make the dates, definitely drop a line.

About Coney

Coney makes play where people can take a meaningful part. Sometimes it looks like immersive theatre, sometimes it feels like an adventure, an exchange of gifts, or a good conversation. Coney hosts open events for a wider network open to anyone who is game to get involved.

Tassos Stevens is the director of Coney. Read his blog to find out more about #agoodquestion and #8thMay2015, and to find out where these projects are going.

www.coneyhq.org | @agencyofconey

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