4am in the middle of the night

Dates and Times

14 July 2014 to 16 July 2014 at Performances at 7pm, plus a 3pm matinee on Wednesday 16 July

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£10 / 8 (conc)

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Presented by Paint Dry

The debut performance of Paint Dry Theatre, 4am in the Middle of the Night plays with the fictional phenomenon known as a ‘diverging universe’. There are numerous versions of you living the exact same life, until an event, a point of divergence. The outcomes changes the life you have already lead.

Juliette is an only child, and grows up in the midst of her parent’s failing relationship. All she wants is success and to make her parents proud, but she gets sucked into her father’s downfall. In any of the universes, could she escape disaster?

About Paint Dry

Paint Dry was founded by Amelie Owen and Charlotte Cooper-Garcha. They had a joint idea to create a company performing their original plays and plays written by new, young writers. 4am in the Middle of the Night is a play written by Amelie and Charlotte. 

4am addresses Paint Dry's belief that small choices we make everyday can decide the path we lead – whether we make the right decision or wrong decision is crucial. They cannot wait to debut at CPT, and finally put to use the fact that they look like twins.

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